Our Mission

Our trained and experienced crew promise to maintain the highest level of professionalism from start to finish. We offer an inclusive experience to the renovation business. Our clients are the number one reason we do what we do. Being able to fulfill every need and want that a client expresses to us, is our goal. After nearly a decade in the industry, we offer an edge that many do not have. We are a female run and operated company that strives to prove we mean business, and we will not disappoint your expectation of quality workmanship. We believe that the quality of our work and the friendships we build with our clients is what keeps them coming back.


lauRENOvate - Kitchen Renovation


It’s no secret that kitchens are the top selling feature of any home. But they can’t just look nice, the need to function! A well laid out and organized kitchen cannot only double your storage space, but also make you a more efficient cook. 

lauRENOvate - Bathroom Renovations


Bathrooms can be a place of relaxation, who doesn’t want to unwind in a large soaker tub with a glass of red wine and a candle or two. But for some, they are a source of anxiety. Old bathrooms can cause a number of problems due to things like leaky pipes and old fixtures. 

lauRENOvate - Basement Renovations


Your basement doesn't have to be a cold damp space you only dare enter to do your laundry. Make it a kids playroom, home office or gym. Basements have a ton of potential because they don't have to be one specific thing. What is it that your house is missing? 

lauRENOvate - Interior Upgrades

Interior Upgrades

Have you always wanted built-in bookshelves around a fireplace to cozy up your living room? Or change the light over your dinner table to give a more modern feel to your home? These simple upgrades can make a significant impact in your home. 

lauRENOvate - Outdoor Structures

Outdoor Structures

Need extra storage space? What's is better than a garage or shed for all your extra items that only get used at certain times of the year. Don't let your snow blower get in the way of your bicycle! Keep all your tools easy to access all year round.


lauRENOvate - Landscaping


If you live in the city and have a backyard you have basically hit the jackpot. Having outdoor space can be an amazing thing, but only if it is safe. Get your backyard ready for patio season with a deck to entertain on and a fence to keep those nosey neighbours out! 


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